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At Nelya Meister Switzerland, we strive for perfection in every detail of our products, starting with the choice of materials. We believe that quality and aesthetics go hand in hand, which is why we carefully select only the highest quality and most innovative materials for our collections.

We understand the importance of ethical aspects in the production of fashion items. For this reason, the hair collection for our hair coats is exclusively on a voluntary basis. The human hair we use is waste products from hairdressing salons. Hair is a perfect material for recycling. They have always been used to make wigs, hair extensions and other hair products. We are convinced that using this hair to make hair coats is not only ethical but also environmentally friendly.

An amazing fact is that human hair is an excellent fertilizer for garden crops. During the decomposition process, many nutrients are released that are useful for plants. A fur coat made from human hair therefore not only harms the environment, but also contributes to its conservation. And if our hair coat is ever thrown away, it will quickly decompose naturally.

We actively research new technologies and materials to meet the latest fashion trends and fulfill the needs of our customers. We strive for constant improvement and innovation in order to offer you products that will inspire you not only with their appearance but also with their quality.

"The perfect union of vegan fashion and animal welfare - for a world in harmony!"*

Animal protection

We are pleased to announce that we actively participate in charity activities and care for homeless and sick animals. We believe that every animal deserves love, care and a dignified life.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that 10% of our sales will be used to support homeless and sick animals. These funds will be used to support animal shelters, the treatment and rehabilitation of animals, and programs to rehome and improve their living conditions.

We recognize the importance of caring for animals and strive to do our part to create a better world for them.

Together with you, our valued customers and partners, we can have a meaningful impact and help those who need our support most.

We thank you for your trust in us and your support. Shopping with us not only helps you look and feel great, but also makes the world a better place for our little friends.

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Our customers

Nelya Meister bietet exquisit verarbeitete Mode aus der Schweiz, die in liebevoller Handarbeit hergestellt wird. Die hochwertigen Materialien verleihen jedem Stück eine besondere Eleganz und Langlebigkeit. Ein echtes Meisterwerk der.


Die Kleidung von Nelya Meister beeindruckt durch ihre außergewöhnliche Qualität und die Verwendung feinster Materialien. Ein Synonym für Luxus und Stil. Danke für die tolle Beratung..


Eleganz, Qualität und Liebe zum Detail - das sind die Markenzeichen von Nelya Meisters Mode. Jedes Stück ist ein Kunstwerk, hergestellt aus den feinsten Materialien. Wirklich ein Traum..

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